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9 Best Instagram – How to Get Your Instagram

Here’s how to get to the top 9 on Instagram.

It’s a tradition at the end of the year to post your nine most-liked Instagram photos. Here is how you, too, can do it.

Let’s just say it’s been a year instead of using euphemisms. Still another. You deserve to spend the last few days of the year thinking about the good things that happened to you in 2021. Maybe it’s time for you to buy the Bernie Sanders gloves on a whim. (That really did happen in 2021.) Or during a Clubhouse chat, when you told that great joke about Ever Given.

You could grab your Instagram Top Nine instead of rewatching Godzilla vs. Kong or flipping through the best photos from the Perseverance rover. At this point, it’s become a cherished way to end the year. You get that little square picture of the little square pictures that your fans like the most. This year, you can do it again.

But you can’t get the best of your Instagrams right in the app as you can with Spotify Wrapped or your Goodreads moments. You’ll have to use a different app to get the photo and then go back to Instagram to share it. It’s not convenient, but apps like Best Nine and Top Nine can make it easier.

9 Best Instagram - How to Get Your Instagram
9 Best Instagram – How to Get Your Instagram

What Is Instagram’s Best Nine/Top Nine?

You probably won’t be surprised by this. They’re programs. Both of them take the nine Instagram posts (not stories) that got the most likes on your account and turn them into a three-by-three grid that you can share on Instagram. You could also just put it in a folder on your laptop and never look at it again. You don’t need to give it to anyone.

There are other ways to get the shareable pictogram, but these are the best-known apps that will make the image for you.

How to Get Your Best Nine on Instagram.

Every year, there are small changes to these steps. Both will still be free. Best Nine, on the other hand, can still be accessed from your computer’s web browser, while Top Nine now requires you to use its Top Nine or Creator Kit app.

The process can sometimes be a bit slow. When the trend is at its peak, especially, the services have to work hard to get through everything, which can take a while.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your most popular Instagram photos from the past year.

Get the most out of Instagram on your computer:

Best Nine’s website does not require you to log in or provide an email address. It does move slower than the top nine, though. You enter your Instagram handle on the home page. Then you have to wait. The time it will take to get your image will be shown on the next screen. When I did it, I was told that I would have to wait 10 minutes. In the end, it took about half an hour. It also said it would take 10 minutes in 2019 and 2020, but both times it took more than an hour.

Use your iPhone to get the most out of Instagram:

If you use the Top Nine app, it will ask you for your Instagram handle or username. The app will ask for your email address on the next page. You don’t have to enter it, but you can if you want to. You could just keep going with your business that has something to do with Instagram. On the next page, your Instagram Top Nine will all be together. Again, patience. It might take a while. This picture will show you how many likes you got in total in 2020, as well as the nine photos that got the most likes. If you do enter your email, you’ll get a message when it’s ready in your inbox.

Get the best of Instagram on Android. Best Nine 2021 in the Google Play store is a good app that will work on Android. This year, my top nine were pulled from this app the quickest. This app will give you a “top nine” style image of your most-liked images of 2022, all-time, or a custom date range. It will also show you your most-liked images of 2021.

How to get to the top 9 on Instagram

Share your most amazing and best hashtag moments.

Yes, you can turn off the likes on Instagram, but isn’t it more fun to see how many people like your photos?

If you want to feel good about your best Instagram posts, you can get a neat little report that shows your top nine most-liked posts in a nice-looking square collage.

It’s common to look at your best posts at the end of the year, but why not do it whenever you want? People used to take a screenshot of this report and post it to their real grids in the past. That’s not something people do anymore, but there’s no shame in sharing your Top Nine on Instagram Stories. Here’s what you can do to join in.

  1. Choose a site

Top Nine and Best Nine are the two main services that will gather your nine most popular posts for you. They are a lot alike, but there are a few key differences between them.

Top Nine is a website and an app at the same time. If you use the app instead of the desktop version, you can choose not to give out your email address. This is not possible with the desktop version. It can also look through both public and private accounts. Best Nine doesn’t ask for an email at all, but it seems to run a lot slower than Top Nine and can only search public accounts. In their privacy policies, both sites say they won’t sell your information to anyone else.

  1. Type in your address

As I said before, different apps will ask for different things, but your handle is very important. Early in 2021, we found that using the browser version of the main Top Nine website took us to the 2020 edition, which is now part of CreatorKit, which has video and design tools for social media. As of the end of December, it seems to be working better. Still, make sure you’re in the right place, especially if your top posts for 2020 and 2021 are all a scary mix of your cat, your baking projects, and masked selfies.

  1. Just wait for it

You just have to decide how long you want to wait for the sites to do the work for you. The browser version of Top Nine told me to download the app so that the process would take “seconds, not minutes.” However, since I gave it my email, it also emailed me my top nine when it was done, so I didn’t have to wait on the site.

The disclaimer for Best Nine said it could take up to 10 minutes, but I’ve found that it takes even longer. I don’t have any patience, so I’m going to hurry over to Top Nine.

  1. Brag

We’re not just doing this to get numbers, of course. This is a way to show off. With the built-in share button on Top Nine, you can make rectangular Instagram Story and square regular post templates with your own top nine, which looks really nice. It’s easy to save to your Camera Roll and then upload through Instagram as usual.

Oh, that’s nice! Credit: top nine screenshot

Best Nine makes a simple square picture that you can save to your device. If you don’t like it when images have watermarks, neither Best Nine nor Top Nine have them.

If nothing else works, take a picture. You can spice up your Instagram Story in any way you want, and your followers will be impressed even if they’ve already seen the same posts.

But, hey, we all need a little harmless fun. Bring on the top nines on Instagram!

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