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 Do you constantly see people with thousands of likes in their photos and you feel like your material easily tops theirs, but you hardly get a few likes from your followers?

At, we also offer one of the most affordable services that provide real likes and it will help you position your images. This will help you start that powerful snowball effect that will take you to much higher ground with your social media efforts. The only way to achieve more is to invest more! Get a one-time purchase that is going to help you take your Instagram account to a whole new level!

Buy Instagram Likes
Buy Instagram Likes

What are the benefits of buying Instagram likes?

  1. You will be able to promote your business worldwide. A higher number of likes would mean a greater number of followers. These excess followers would entail a greater awareness of the product, resulting in the product becoming popular, faster than ever.
  2. As you would be receiving a high number of likes, you can expect a higher volume of traffic to your website. This can be extremely beneficial in improving the sales of your other products as well.
  3. You would be able to make new connections. Your existing followers can bring you many customers, as they act as your brand ambassadors. In addition, the new likes that you buy would also bring in their share of likes and followers to your website.
  4. Choosing a reputed agency for buying your Instagram likes is very important, as only in this manner can you rest assured that you will get genuine likes. This is very important because there are many fictitious sites that sell fake likes made by non-existent persons. Buying such likes would defeat the very purpose of purchasing them.
  5. Social media is a fantastic marketing tool. You would have access to new followers when you buy Instagram likes, which can make your website popular. You would be able to move your photos to the top spots whereby you gain a great deal of attention.
  6. The higher number of followers would increase your popularity a great deal. This would bring you a great reputation in the market, which will help you gain more customers as well.
  7. By having a high number of likes on Instagram, you significantly increase your visibility. More people become aware of your product, leading to better patronage. You have the advantage of spreading out your likes as well.
  8. When more people visit your website, you automatically get a good number of leads. Converting these leads should not be a difficult task for a successful business enterprise.
  9. You save a huge amount of money as well. You can buy your Instagram likes at a fraction of the cost you would incur in a normal advertising campaign, and your followers then do the advertising for you.

Many Instagram followers would be active on other social media networks such as Twitter. Hence, you can tap into this segment as well. This is an additional benefit when you buy these Instagram likes.

Can you deliver all likes to one specific pic?

Just share the link to the pic for which you need likes. We will make sure you get all likes to the specified pic.

Can you spread likes between multiple pics?

Yes, just share the links to those pics along with your desired likes count. We will deliver the likes exactly as you requested.

Can you spread likes evenly to few recently uploaded pics?

Yes, this can be done. Please specify the same while submitting your order details.

Can you deliver likes to my future pics?

Yes, we can deliver likes to your future pics, but you will have to update us with a new pic link every time you upload one. If you don’t prefer this, I suggest that you check out our Instagram auto-like service where you get instant and automatic likes for all your future pics as soon as you post them.

Are we allowed to use the purchased likes on two different accounts?

Yes, you can split likes between a maximum of two accounts.

Why should I buy likes separately, as I get likes naturally when I purchase your followers?

The likes you gain from our followers are not controlled, so we can’t customize them as per your needs. Buying our exclusive likes package gives you more flexibility and control over customizing the likes.

What makes your likes service different from others?

Just compare the features we offer with other service providers, and you will understand the high level of customization and uniqueness in our service.

Are we allowed to specify the exact likes count required for each pic?

Yes – you specify it, we deliver it! Period!

Is buying Instagram likes safe?

We only use ethical and safe methods to gain likes. Therefore, buying Instagram likes from our site is completely safe. Moreover, we take your privacy extremely seriously; we, therefore, handle your personal information securely. Details are available on our privacy policy page.

Does buying Instagram likes work?

It definitely works! However, where you buy your likes matters hugely. We offer genuine Instagram likes services and we also stand by you all the way with our pre-sale and after-sale support services. We ensure that you get great value for your money.

Can you get banned for buying Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes cannot get your account banned. However, if you do not buy likes from legitimate services such as ours, you may experience drops in likes count during the Instagram purge.

How do you buy Instagram likes?

  1. Choose your preferred package at
  2. We use PayPal secure payment services. Click on buy to be redirected our payment page.
  3. Make a payment using your PayPal account or credit/debit card.
  4. After payment is successfully completed, you will be redirected to a page where you can submit your order.
  5. Fill in all required fields such as name, Instagram username, PayPal email and any other custom message you like to send.
  6. We will send you a mail within 24 hours confirming your order along with an estimated time frame for delivery.

Do your likes stay permanent forever?

Definitely, the likes that we deliver are permanent.

Can you do custom orders?

We do our best to work with clients that have special requirements. Kindly contact us with your special requests.

Do I have to like others’ pictures to gain likes?

No, this is not required.

Does my profile need to be public to gain likes?

Yes, we require that your profile be public because users in our platform do wish to see your picture in order to engage further.

How long does it usually take to get all likes after an order is placed?

Normally, we deliver all likes between 24-48 hours. However, the process may take a longer time frame if we received a custom requirement from you. Details about the time frame required to fulfill the order will be communicated to you in the confirmation mail.

How exactly do you add likes?

We have designed a cutting-edge, secure platform where we show your picture to like-minded people. These people engage with your account until your requested order is fulfilled.

Do you need my account password to add likes?

This is not necessary. We do not require your account password.

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